2017 Arnold Strongman Series Results

2017 ARNOLD STRONGMAN SERIES RESULTS 2017 ARNOLD STRONGMAN CLASSIC USA) 1. Brian Shaw* (USA), 10 qualifying points 2. Hafthor Bjornsson (Iceland), 9 points 3. Jerry Pritchett (USA), 8 points 4. Mateusz Kielszikowski (Poland), 7 points 5. Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia), 6 points 6. Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania), 5 points 7. Dimitar Savatinov (Bulgaria), 4 points 8. Martins […]

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2018 Arnold Classic Worldwide Features Festivals On Five Continents

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Arnold Sports Festival will hold multi-sport festivals on five continents in 2018. The Arnold Sports Festival USA will be held in Columbus, Ohio in March, followed by events in Melbourne, Australia; São Paulo, Brasil; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Barcelona, Spain. The festivals in the USA and Australia will affiliate with the […]


Americas Strongest Man 2017

Kristin Rhodes | October 20, 2017 This past weekend Strongman Corporation took the show to the Europa Sports festival in Phoenix.  Where 9 of the top Heavyweight Pros battled it out for the title of Americas Strongest Man 2017.  This would also be the first time that WSM competitor Jerry Pritchett of AZ had […]


The Strongest Man in the Forest.

The majority of the strongman and powerlifting competitions in WV are held in Morgantown at Viking Performance Training. We do this because Viking is an amazing facility, a place that I am proud to be partnered with, and Morgantown is a great location right off of 2 major interstate highways and just over an hour […]


The strongest woman in the world!

The Strongest Woman in the World contest begin with 24 women from around the globe representing 9 countries coming into Las Vegas at the Mr. Olympia event to contend the title of who would be the Strongest Woman in the World and to qualify for the Arnold Pro Strongwoman event in Columbus, OH 2018.The Lightweight […]


Beast Of The Bay Strength Classic

Athletes gathered from all around the West for the first ever Beast Of The Bay Strength Classic; Coming throughout California, Nevada, Washington and Arizona on this day with record breaking heat in the Bay Area. Temperatures soared to 105 degrees throughout the entire day. Athletes performed 5 feats of strength log press  (clean and press […]

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The Highlanders are coming…

At some point every strongman and strongwoman takes look across the fence at our some of our sister sports:  weightlifting, powerlifting, and crossfit just to name a few. The one sport that draw the most attention from strongman competitors however, is the Scottish Highland Games. Even generations ago men like Kazmaier and Sigmarsson crossed over […]


Beer Muscles 2017 from Aston, PA

Beer Muscles 2017 in Aston, PA was a blast! The competition, hosted on-site inside 2SP Brewing Company, was more than double the size of last year’s event with 61 athletes competing. The top positions in all the weight classes were within points through all 5 events: Bartos keg carry & press medley, harness 2SP delivery […]