Beer Muscles 2023

Brian Jones

One hundred and seven (!!!) athletes competed on-site at 2SP Brewing Company for the 7th annual Beer Muscles competition by Katie Feeley, Power Plant Gym, and Cerberus Strength USA. It was a beautiful summer day for competitors to complete 5 events: 13” deadlift for reps, circus dumbbell for reps, max Cerberus sandbag load for PA State records, Conan’s Wheel for distance, and a custom “Beer Run” frame carry!

Highlights included a TON of new PA State Records on the Cerberus Max Sandbag Load (see below). The heaviest men’s lift was 400lbs by Luke Badaracco (Open SHW). The heaviest women’s lift was 250lbs by Rachel Black (Open 180). Rachel won her overall class in dominating fashion, finishing 1st place in all 5 events! We also had our closest-ever podium battle in the Open 265 men with 3 athletes tying for 2nd place and 5th place only a point behind that. We had to go all the way back to 3rd place finishes in countbacks to settle the tie. Congrats to the top 5 in that class: Lucas Johnson (41pts), Ryan Lawrence (31.5pts), Alan Wilson (31.5pts), Mike Ligelis (31.5pts), and Travis Spreen (30.5pts).

Big “Thank You!” to Lift Hard Die Strong for awarding crisp $100 bills to the farthest distance men’s and women’s Conan’s Wheel carries. Gavin Samson (Open 200) won for the men with 359.17ft, and Rachel Black (Open 180) won for the women with the longest overall carry of the day at 380.58ft.

New Pennsylvania State Records for the Cerberus Max Sandbag Load:

Women Open 140: 200lbs by Samantha Fox

Women Open 180: 250lbs by Rachel Black

Women Open HW: 200lbs by Samantha Reeves

Women Teen: 125lbs by Dakota Shanley

Women Masters: 175lbs by Virginia McCartney, Sandy Caruco, Meredith Woodward

Men Open 175: 275lbs by Joshua Halle

Men Open 200: 325lbs by Gavin Samson and Joseph Milano

Men Open 231: 325lbs by Steven Sooy, Hans Birhanzel, Reagan Billingsley, Daniel Eager, Cameron Gilmore, Aaron Brophy

Men Open 265: 350lbs by Lucas Johnson, Ryan Lawrence, Travis Spreen, Mike Ligeikis

Men Open SHW: 400lbs by Luke Badaracco

Men Teen: 225lbs by Cody Shanley

Men Masters 231: 325lbs by Brian Reed and Dan Litz

Men Masters SHW: 325lbs by Dominic Pierre

For the 4th year, Beer Muscles also served as a fundraiser for the Delaware County Special Olympics Powerlifting Team. Together we raised $2,300 for the team! This came from a combination of raffling off prizes from our generous sponsors, a dunk tank, and donations from attendees. Coaches and members of the team had a blast at the competition (and in the dunk tank!), and everyone was stoked to help them with funding.

How many years for the event:

This is the 7th year for Beer Muscles!

Scheduled dates of next Strongman Corp event:

Spring 2024 (All Valley Strongman Championship 3)

August 24, 2024 (Beer Muscles 8)

Keep an eye on Ben Windle’s photography Instagram, @benjaminkwindle_photography, for more amazing shots of the competition!