oklahoma's strongest record setters

Oklahoma Record Setters was held at

204 SE B Ave Lawton Oklahoma . The event was held indoor/outdoor.


The events were: 
1 Max Log 
2. Max Silver Dollar 18inch Deadlift 
3. LMTV/Humvee Truck Pull into Arm over arm seated ATV pull. 
4. Max Yoke
5. Sandbag Throw 
60 competitors showed up to compete! Many thanks to our sponsors, Depth Before Dishonor, Ruff Reps, Five Star Nutrition Lawton, The Army (provided the Humvee and LMTV)
This was the heaviest show in OK to date, multiple 1000+ pound deadlifts and yokes, 600+ pound for the women on dl and yoke. This is the 2nd year in a row, with a great turn out! There were No injuries! Our Next comp. in OK is The second Circus Of Strength! 
Depth Before Dishonor killed it with the comp tees!