The weather was perfect for the 5th annual White Mountain Strongman and woman held on June 9th in Littleton New Hampshire. 36 athletes came from all over New England to test their strength in the axle press away, farmers walk, deadlift for reps, carry and drag medley and keg over bar. All proceeds went to two charities; Eugene McDonough foundation and New Digs for Dogs Rescue.

Amanda Robillard took first in the women’s novice class by banging out 17 reps with a 205lb deadlift and 10 reps with a 110lb keg over a 46” bar. In Women’s lightweight, it was very close between Amy Farrell and April Rom. They both tried with 17 reps on the 115lb axle press but April won the farmers and the deadlift taking the overall win. Julie McNully had a great performance and winning the middleweight class. New to the sport, Rachael Cournington won the axle press, farmers walk, and deadlift to take first in women’s masters. Samantha Libby, won 3 out of 5 events to take the heavyweight title.

Dillion Thompson was at the top of every event and ultimately winning the men’s novice. It was a great battle in the mens 200 pound weight class but Justin Fletcher took the win by winning the farmers walk, deadlift, medley and keg over bar. Nick Crockford had a great performance as well despite being the only mens middleweight.

Dillion Thompson

Samantha Libby

Alex Leboeuf

Justin Fletcher