Utah’s Strongest

Utah’s Strongest 2021 was another massive hit for Utah strongman! This Level 2 show that was hosted at Body Temple Athletics in Salt Lake City included a car carry, max log, deadlift ladder, odd object medley, and a brutal head to head last man standing stone over bar. With some of the top talent in the nation showing up for this, it was not a competition for the faint of heart.

Honorable mentions to Giacomo Alinari (Jack the Giant) who is a nationally qualified lightweight who decided to challenge himself with the middleweights at this show. He ended up placing 6/12 for his second show! He is an impressive athlete and someone who is going to go far in this sport.

Congrats to our new champions! Utah’s Strongest heavyweight man @plankersjack Utah’s Strongest middleweight man @jack_turner Utah’s Strongest woman @trissielifts2live Utah’s Strongest masters man @2superdan Utah’s Strongest masters woman @heymickiysf Honorable mentions to @damnit_riot who did not compete for a score but was still one of the few women to move the car.

Utah’s Strongest would like to give a special thank you to Benny at Phreakshow Customs and Legion Athletics for completing the car carry for our athletes.

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-Heidi Campo