Tommy Burns here with Beast Of The Bay Strength and The Strongman Club.

We had a blast this past weekend finally putting on another sanctioned competition for the strongman community here in Northern California. It had been one year exactly since our last sanctioned contest and the community was ready. With masks on and high hopes we have almost 60 athletes from all over the country meet for the Unleash The Beast Strongman Bash in Sacramento, CA almost doubling the participation from last year.

We had athletes from all over California, Nevada, Texas and Indiana represented at this year’s competition and we were extremely honored to serve them all.

Congratulations to all the athletes that competed with us and huge shout out to all the athletes that earned their Strongman Corporation Nationals Championship invitation.


The Beast Movement Team

Here are the 1st place athletes of the Open Division:

1. Rachel Carrillo- Open Lightweight Women- ,divinitycrossfit@gmail.com

2. Adrienne Snyder – Open Middleweight Women- ,Mariah8080@yahoo.com

3. Shaina Vales- Open Heavyweight Women- ,Shaina.vales@yahoo.com

4. Craig Tucker- Open Lightweight Men- ,CmonCraig220@gmail.com

5. Blake Dedas- Open Middleweight Men- ,bdedas@gmail.com

6. Gabriel Kassel- Open Heavyweight Men- ,KASSEL01@GMAIL.COM

7. Lynn Oku- Masters Lightweight Women- ,Lynnoku@gmail.com (Only 2 athletes competed due to multiple people dropping out at the last minute)

8. Kataneh Hamidi- Masters Middleweight Women- ,Kataneh76@gmail.com

9. Joshua Lancaster- Masters Middleweight Men- ,jlancaster954@gmail.com (Only 2 athletes competed due to multiple people dropping out at the last minute)

10. Arnold Gardetto- Masters Heavyweight Men- ,arnoldgardetto@yahoo.com

Big Tommy Burns