It was one of the hottest days of their year, with a high of 93 and humidity of more than 50%, the weather advisory was excessive heat warning but that did not stop ten brave souls showing up at the VCCF Lift Up strongman contest on July 20, 2019.

Violet Community Crossfit hosted the event in Pickerington, Ohio. Although there was no air conditioning the fans were great for competitors to hang around and suffer together!

Susan Chambers traveled all the way from California and competed in the Open MW class rather than her initial choice of Novice HW! The water cut and travel worked in her favor as she pulled out a first place in her class.

Jon Miller quite possibly didn’t even know his dad had signed him up to compete but he showed up and impressed everyone with his tenacity and strength at just 14-years old.

Joe Beck may have broke his toe, thanks to the i-beam farmers implements so it will be for sure his most memorable first strongman contest! Here’s to many more!

The heavyweight class wouldn’t have filled out were it not for Josh Eisele challenging anyone within the Columbus radius the night before. Not only did he bring in the competitors but he encouraged them and helped out whenever asked.

All in all, it was a hot day but the heart of the competitors out-shined Mother Nature’s attempts to squash them.

The competitors, VCCF and their friends and families were able to raise $244 for Carry The Load in conjunction with this contest!