The Empire Classic Strongman Challenge, is a Ribic Productions and 360 Fitness North Idaho annual event sanctioned by the Strongman Corporation, and is generally held in the spring in Spokane, Washington. Due to Covid restrictions, the event this year had to change venue to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, at the 360 Fitness North Idaho location. 208 E Coeur d’Alene Avenue.

This year’s event hosted 32 competitors from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana. The ever-popular Magnus Ver Magnusson was scheduled to attend again this year, but due to covid restrictions, his visit will need to be postponed till next year’s event. He is always a great addition to our program.

A surprise drop-in from Robert Oberst was a great treat, and everyone enjoyed having him there. Thank you Redcon1 and Obie for the visit!

Competitors and spectators are happy to have the Strongman Corporation’s support for the area’s largest Strongman Event. And through continued local support and the interest of the great men and women of this sport, we will continue to strive to make Idaho, and the Inland Empire a Strongman center.

Empire Classic Strongman gives a special thanks to:

Strongman Corporation

Dione Masters

Strongman Corporation Idaho Chair, Darla Kuhman

360 Fitness North Idaho gym & club

Dave Gronenthal

Ivan Ribic

Ribic Productions

Dean Munsey

Andy Munsey

Ashlee Munsey

Travis Ford

Isaac Ungersma

Zion Gregory

Chris Ray

Chris Siebern

Nicholas Pedersen

Daniel Moore

Big Dan’s Nutrition


& Robert Oberst!!!!!