The Empire Classic Strongman Challenge, is a Ribic Productions annual event held in the spring in Spokane, Washington, in conjunction with 360 Fitness North Idaho, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The Empire Classic Strongman is the area’s largest Strongman Event and is sanctioned by the Strongman Corporation.   Participants in the area are grateful to Strongman Corporation for allowing participation for competition and competitors truly love this sport.

This year due to various national issues, the Spokane, Washington event venue in April was canceled.   Competitors requested the event to be rescheduled and held at 360 Fitness North Idaho, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.    

Over 30 competitors were scheduled to participate, but due to a local fire and smoke in the air, some competitors did not travel to Idaho.   As luck would have it, and par for the year 2020, the rain came and knocked out the smoke in the area and the day of the event turned out to be wonderful.

The event hosted 14 competitors from Idaho, Washington, and Montana, and it was a great day for Strongman.   What a wonderful turnout and new friends were made.

The competitors are looking forward to the upcoming Grip Contest in October to be hosted at 360 Fitness North Idaho with Sasquatch Squeeze, as well as plans for the next Empire Classic Strongman in Spokane, Washington in May of 2021, and the return of Magnus ver Magnusson as guest and co-host with Darla Kuhman. 

Empire Classic Strongman give a special thanks to Strongman Corporation, Idaho Representative, Darla Kuhman, 360 Fitness North Idaho, Andy Munsey, Craig Goodwin, Dave Gronenthal, and Travis Ford. 


Taylor Sellers, Light Weight Women’s Novice

Chuck VanKeuren, Light Weight Men’s Novice

Matthew Speelman, Light Weight Men’s Novice

Kyle Chu, Light Weight Men’s Novice

Hunter Shae, Heavy Weight Men’s Novice

Nick Hansen, Light Weight Men’s Masters

Connor Buppert, Middle Weight Open Men

Tom Durrett, Middle Weight Open Men

Tom Finlay, Middle Weight Open Men

Derik Hudson, Heavy Weight Men’s Master

Jacob Renouard, Heavy Weight Open Men

Dominic Tangaro, Heavy Weight Open Men

Gary Plumlee, Heavy Weight Open Men

Mike Kromer, Heavy Weight Open Men