The 2nd Annual Battle Axe Barbell was held at the Battle Axe Barbell located at 1494 W. Buckingham Rd, Garland TX 75042.

This competition was held both inside and outside with 75 athletes competing.

Athlete Achievements:

  1. Gabriella Hernandez Had the Heaviest Women’s Deadlift of the day at 445# on her first attempt
  2. Andrea Morris has the largest women’s wilks deadlift pulling 365# @ 139 bw for a 2.63 wilks score
  3. Donald Treglia had he heaviest Men’s Deadlift of the day at 905#
  4. Nate Bolling had the largest men’s wilks deadlift pulling 825# @226.1 bw for a 3.65 wilks score
  5. Kitty Cross won overall most dominate women’s performance winning her class and the only competitor in the women’s divisions to win more than 1 event.
  6. Elijah Yoder won overall most dominate men’s performance winning his class and 3 of the four events and tying for 1st on the 4th event.

This event has been held for 2 years now. The next competition will be the Houston’sStrongest Deviant scheduled for June 26, 2021.

Sponsors were: Depth Before Dishonor, Reign Body Fuel, SBD Apparel, Obsidian Ammonia

Brittany Barnes and Derek Owens