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MUST BE APPROVED by the SC BOARD ONLY. Regionals is the new gateway to Nationals in 2023. For 2022, Regioanls will be open events with athletes qualifying for nationals. Regionals is preferred to have a two day format. For 2022, Regionals will be open to all SC athletes (No Novice Classes at regionals) so that we can build a base of one year in having qualifying events. The qualifying spots for nationals at Regionals is,


1st place – Arnold and Nationals


2nd place – Nationals


3rd place – Nationals


4th place – Nationals with 9 or more competitors per class


5th place – Nationals with 12 or more competitors per class. The weights for regionals should be within 15% of the weights typically used at nationals. Regional events MUST be approved by the SC board Only.

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