Can I purchase a membership card at the contest?

Yes, all athletes that do not have a current card can purchase a card during check-ins.

Can I sign up for a contest the day of the event?

At some contests this is allowed, but most events have an entry deadline. Please check the entry form or contact the promoter directly.

How old do I have to be in order to compete?

You must be at least 12 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 years of age must have permission from their parent or guardian, and their Parent or guardian must register the athlete.

What are the differences between a level one, level two, platinum plus or pro-am contest?

A Level-1 qualifies 1st place in the weight class or division, Level-2 qualifies the top two, Plat-Plus qualifies the top three as well as offers a spot to the Arnold World Championships. Pro-Am offers pro cards in the noted “division.” Both professional athletes and amateurs compete together in hopes of qualifying for a spot at the Arnold Strongman World Championships.

Can I compete in any level contest as a first time competitor?


How do I qualify for the national championships?

Compete at a Level-1 contest and win your division or weigh class. Compete at a Level-2 and place in the top two in your division or weight class. Compete at a Platinum Plus or Pro-Am event and place in the top three of your weight class or division offered.

How do I qualify to compete at the Arnold World Championships?

Compete at a Platinum Plus event that offers the Arnold Qualifying spots and win your division, or qualify and compete at nationals and place within the upper 20% AND GET A QUALIFYING SPOT at the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships

How do I obtain a pro card?

An athlete that competes and wins their division at a Pro-Am event where a “Pro-Card” is being offered can in return, become a professional Strongman athlete.

Who qualifies as a novice athlete?

Novice is typically for first time athletes competing. If you compete in an event as a novice athlete and place in the top three then you are no longer considered a novice, and you will be asked to compete in the open division.

Do I have to compete in the novice division if it is my first contest?

Do I have to compete in the novice division if it is my first contest?
No, anyone can compete in an open division. Once you compete in the open division, you cannot compete as a novice athlete.