This past Mother’s Day weekend SDS STRONGWOMAN took time to celebrate Strongwomen. The MAY FLOWERS OF POWER 2019 Strongwoman competition provided a supportive environment for women to lift heavy things and set state records. Athletes from Maine all the way to Florida descended on FORZE XXIV GYM in White Marsh, Maryland. Regular gym-goers paused their workouts in amazement as their backyard was transformed into a Strongwoman Flower Festival! Many competitors showed up fully embracing the theme adorned with crowns of flowers and blue-glitter make-up. Our athletes were able to show the world that Strongwoman power can shine through with the added confidence that flowers can bring.

ARM OVER ARM TRUCK PULL– On the first event of the day the athletes were challenged with the arm-over-arm truck pull of an 8,000lb F350. The rain the night before made the rope almost impossible to hold, and many athletes struggled to complete the event in the 60 second time limit. The perseverance displayed by these woman warriors in extreme conditions made for an exciting and inspiring morning. The athletes powered through this grueling event, fueled by thecheers from the spectators, coaches, and teammates. Athlete Karen Littlewood from Pennsylvania achieved the fastest time in her class with 44.3 seconds.

MAX AXLE C&P– Then came the axle clean and press, where athletes exerted their maximum effort fighting for a spot on the leaderboard of the Maryland state records. We saw an incredible performance by Allie Baker from North Carolina who set a 15lb PR achieving160lbs on axle.

AMAZING! The crowd excitedly cheered as most classes were neck-in-neck at this point in the competition.

YOKE TO BLOCK CARRY AND LOAD– As a special surprise the first ever custom PINK Mouser block was carried at MAY FLOWERS OF POWER. Competitors ran with a yoke and then loaded the block over bar. The PINK block brought a smile to many faces and gave athletes the needed energy to keep going! Athlete Rochelle Belk from Western Marylandcompleted the yoke to block medley in 30.35 seconds.

CIRCUS DUMBBELL MEDLEY– Next came the circus dumbbell event. Few were able to complete any reps on the heavy bell, making it a battle for reps on the light bell. First time competitor Lisa Tolchin from Dylan Irving’s Strongwoman team in Baltimore managed to get 12 reps on the light bell. Great job Lisa!

WAGON WHEEL DEADLIFT FOR REPS-Finally athletes were challenged with the 18in deadlift for reps, a classic Strongman event and a solid way to finish a day of celebration. Our teen and masters’ divisions had an unstoppable Mother-Daughter Strongwoman team: Rosie Fleischmann and Melissa Carr. This dynamic duo regularly competes in powerlifting meets, but this was Rosie’s first Strongwoman competition. Melissa’s experience earned her a solid performance in the deadlift event, and she playfully teased her daughter about getting the most reps. Rosie’s joking reply, “at least I didn’t pee my pants!” Hey, sometimes if you want to excel, you have to leave it all on the floor. Literally.

Congratulations to all of the Strongwoman competitors and thank you to everyone who came out to show their FLOWER POWER.