“Legends of Strenght was a huge success! Athletes got to test their strength against historical and mythological feats of strength.

The Serpent Press was modeled after the Norse Thunder God, Thor. When he had to lift the Midgard serpent up over his head. We had our sandbags custom designed and created specifically for this event. Big thanks to Cerberus for helping us with this project!

The Conan’s Wheel is a classic story that we all know and love. Athletes had to really test their endurance here, we saw some really impressive distances achieved.

The Mast Carry was modeled after Storslfsson the Strong from the Icelandic Sagas. He carried a 1,430-pound ship mast on his back and took 3 steps with it before it broke his back. Our athletes didn’t lift quite as much, and thankfully no backs were broken! Huge thanks to Phreakshow Customs for making this possible!

We had a mystery event in this competition as well. Atlas stone to shoulder! The athletes could choose to do either a lighter stone for reps, or go for the heavier stone. We saw some incredible feats of strength here as well.

We finished the day with the Silver Dollar Deadlift. Shoutout to Invictus Strength USA for creating this custom piece! We had some massive numbers pulled and we had fun seeing athletes battle it out for the biggest lift.

Finally, we finished the day with a few fun tiebreakers. The Celtic Pole Push is a fun and entertaining event to watch. It was incredible to see these amazing athletes go head to head and battle for their podium spot.

A special thank you to our judges. Jessica Putland and Ant SanLorenzo for being fantastic and fair judges the whole day.

We expect this fun tradition to continue for many years to come.”