LA's Strongest Man/Woman

After 2 date changes the inaugural, LA’s Strongest Man and Woman took place on October 10th. This was the first strongman competition to take place at Barbell Brigade in downtown Los Angeles. The contest was running in conjunction with The Training Hall. 26 athletes competed on the day and put on a great show. Due to restrictions there no spectators at the event. It was livestreamed and averaged about 100 viewers all day.

This will be a yearly competition and run on Labor Day weekend.


Barbell Brigade

The Training Hall

Cerberus Strength

Smart Strength

Raaw Body Works

Reign Total Body Fuel

Podium Winners from LA’s Strongest Man/Woman Held Oct 10, 2020.

Winners Heavy Weight Men

Winners Light Weight Men

Winners Middle Weight Men

Winners Over 160lb Women

Winners Under 160lb Women