Granite State Strongman/Woman Championship 11 was held at American Fitness in Nashua.

We have 60 athletes from around the country come to New Hampshire for our charity event raising money for FCANCER.

We had a great day with a overflowing crowd watching the athletes push themselves to the limits with the giant Tire Deadlift, The Viking Press, the huge sled drag, keg over bar and the final event was the Hercules Hold.

We have to give a huge thanks to the New Hampshire Bearded Sinners group for coming and being our floor crew.

The middleweight men’s group was a battle with 9 athletes battling it for a chance to go to nationals with Trent T taking home the Viking Axe.

We had Stevie LeBlanc return to Strongwoman to take the win in the Lightweight class, Wendy Locke Sharpe winning the Middleweight women’s class, Deb Smith returning to competing also won the Masters class and Sarah Chappelow winning the heavyweight women’s class.

Dillion Thompson won the Lightweight Men’s class, John Sullivan taking the 200’s, big Will Fateiger winning the Masters,and Zane Alcantara winning the heavyweight guys.

Already planning the 12th and Final year of GSSC


Strongman Corporation NH State Chair.

Promoter Granite State Strongman Championship