The strongmen and women in Utah proved tested their strength with the Go Pig or Go Home competition. Originally set to be at the Utah State Fair, but moved to The Training Room due to all the logistical constraints 2020 has delivered to us. Athletes started out the day with log clean and press away, reps in a minute. We saw impressive feats of strength from novice and experienced athletes alike. Especially 14-year-old Cheyenne, who got an impressive 28 reps on her log press! Our second event was a Zurcher yoke carry for speed. The fastest time in the open division (for men or women) Came from David Herrera, a men’s middleweight competitor. It was his first time trying strongman after years of being a top-level powerlifter. Further proof that you can be strong and athletic. Next, athletes tested their stamina with a heavy yoke run and keg medley. Joseph Nielson, a master’s competitor, finished with an impressive 19.4 seconds! Next up we had the car deadlift, this was a challenge for many athletes. Brandon Arnett was still able to complete an impressive 14 reps even with the car full of heavyweight men. Finally, the athletes challenged their strategy with a natural stone to shoulder for reps. This was a fun event and everyone did well.

We finished with a Celtic pole press for our final tiebreaker. This event was a surprise to everyone, and the men who went head to head in this both did very well.

Thank you to the athletes, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors that made this event possible!