Event 3 Pure Michigan Strongman Record Breakers Series

On Sunday 20+ Strongmen and Strongwomen descended upon an industrial in the heart of Detroit to put the city on their backs, well not the city but heavy yokes and that burden felt like the weight of the city to some. In the Women’s open we saw a 650# yoke moved 18’ by Anna Tapper and our Mighty Munchkin Judy (Women’s Masters) move 2x her body weight 60ft in 18:94 seconds. The mens divisions didn’t disappoint either, SHW Chuck the Gothic Strongman moved 20ft with 1150# making for the heaviest yoke run of the day. The days format was each athlete got two run attempts, they got to pick their weight from 250+ (as long as it ended in 50) and they were allowed 1 drop during each run, in order to get a score they had to move the yoke at least 10ft of the 60 foot coarse. This format allowed each athlete to pick a weight they knew they could go 60ft with and a weight that was out of their comfort zone and they knew 10ft would be lucky. Everyone pushed hard, everyone was happy with how well they did but so far the best part of this event series is going to lunch afterwards and building our friendships.

Our next 3 events are open to anyone with a Strongman Corp membership for $20 per event

2/10 1RM 2” axle overhead press

⁃ 3 attempts

⁃ Held at Building Your Temple Fitness (Oxford MI)

3/10 Max distance Farmers walk 60 sec 320 Men’s Open 280Mens Light weight and Masters

175 womens HW 135 Light weight and Masters

⁃ No drops, 2 attempts, best run is scored

⁃ Held at Proving Grounds Strength and Konditioning (Detroit MI)

4/14 20” stone of steel over bar for reps 50” for men 42” for women

– 320 Men’s Open (>231.5) – 280Mens Light weight and Masters (<231.4) - 175 womens HW (>160.5)

– 130 Light weight and Masters (<160.4)