Downtown Throwdown, a Level 1 event, was held Feb 6, 2021, at First Baptist Jackson, in Jackson, Mississippi.

There was a total of 50 athletes participating. There were 2 events held inside, 1 event held outside and 2 events held in a covered garage.

Sponsors were: Pioneer, Barre, Summit Counseling, Geaux Hard Labs, Luckey Town Customs, Atlas Strength Shop, Sugar Street Bakery, Purvis Law, Rock Steady Boxing, Black Axes Throwing Club, Higher Ambition Brand, First Baptist Jackson.

My favorite part of our event was the amount of first time Strongman Corporation athletes we had. Over 1/2 of the competition was first time athletes to Strongman Corp. It was amazing to watch the word spread about our event and everyone came and did great.

The winner of our Women’s Open just had a baby 9 weeks ago and she was a beast! This was also her first time competing in Strongman,

We had a lot of athletes get Covid during their training, prior to the competition. They recovered, kept training, and still had a great showing of their strength.

This was the first competition in Mississippi since 2019 and the first one in the metro Jackson area. I can’t wait to watch this sport grow. We are looking forward to another event in the Fall in Hattiesburg, MS.

Special thanks to ALL our sponsors mentioned above. Big thanks to First Baptist Jackson for hosting and also to our local Fire Dept. who let us use a fire truck for our truck pull.

Jaime Douglas

Promoter and State Chair Rep. for Mississippi