Champion City’s Strongest was held May 12th at Springfield Health & Fitness in Springfield, Oh. 18 athletes were on hand to compete in the first strongman contest to be held in Springfield. Athletes from as far as Florida came to test themselves in axle press, yoke, farmers carry, axle deadlift, and atlas stones. We had alot of first time competitors take part with Novice MW being our biggest class. The hw class saw Codie LLoyd make his comeback after a nasty knee injury in October 2016 at nationals. Josh Eisele and Terrance Gilbert ended up tied with Josh winning on a countback. We had 2 ladies on hand, Nacole Stickle and Gabby Willits, that without a question stole the show.

Thank you again, to all the competitors, spectators, and most importantly my help. I dont think the show could of run much better and everyone there playes a part in that. Thank You!