AZ Beer Bullies 2018 took place at Liberty Performance Training. They had 23 competitors at the first year contest. Wren House Brewing Company was the contests main sponsor.

There were multiple incredible performances, but Eli Burks had the strongest day in the Men’s Middleweight Division, winning all 5 events and pulling an impressive 755-pound deadlift during the Last Man Standing Deadlift Competition. Even after injuring his bicep on the Stone over the Bar, he persevered and won the final two events. Chad Macklin, the overall winner for Men’s Heavyweight, successfully became the first disable athlete ever to qualify for Strongman Corporation Nationals and was the only competitor able to lift the 270-pound Husafel stone from the ground; he carried it 60’5” to seal his victory. For the heavyweight women, Lisa Jurmu had a tough battle for first with Heather MacDonald but hit a 380-pound deadlift for the event win and carried her momentum through to the outdoor events, placing first in the keg carry and load series to win the day.

This was our first annual Beer Bullies event and we plan on hosting it every year in the future around the same time.

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