Battle Axe Barbell

1494 W Buckingham Rd, Garland TX 75042

Held Indoor & Outdoors with 30 participating athletes.

Sponsors: Depth Before Dishonor, Reign Body Fuel, Battle Axe Barbell, US Army, War Paint Soap

Athlete Achievements:

Samantha Rice Had the Heaviest Women’s Deadlift of the day at 660# on her first attempt

Allison Vick has the largest women’s wilks deadlift pulling 460# @ 115.3 bw for a 3.9899 wilks score

Jade Dickens placed first in her first contest as a master women’s competitor

Samantha Rice won overall most dominate women’s performance winning her class and the only competitor in the women’s divisions to winning 3 events with a 2nd place for the 4th event.

This is the first year this event has been held.

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