The inaugural American Heroes Strongman Competition was held in Muncie, IN on September 12th, 2020. 45 competitors battled it out while many more spectators looked on. The event was able to raise money for the brave men and women of the Muncie Fire Department. There were even 5 Firemen from around the state that competed. Belt Fed Strength was in attendance to show their support as well as showcase their awesome custom belts. Thank you to all the competitors, judges, and attendees who made this inaugural event one to remember!

Special mentions: Photos by Matt Porinsky of MP Images, Click HERE for more images.   

Name of contest: American Hero’s Strongman Competition 

Location: Muncie Mall, Muncie IN

Indoor, Outdoor, or Both? Outdoor

Number of Athletes: 47 competed

Sponsors: The Thompson Group, Simpleton Properties, GNC  

How many years have you had this event? First Year