All Valley Strongman Championship-Round 2
Men's 231 Podium: 1st Mitchell Cady, 2nd Gabe Balascio, 3rd Sean Dougherty

Thirty-three athletes competed in West Chester, PA for the 2nd annual All Valley Strongman
Championship. Competitors brought their best 80s headbands to complete 5 events: Yoke Carry,
Axle Press Medley, Cerberus Sandbag Shoulder to Carry, Husafell Carry, Cerberus Deadlift Medley,and Max Rep Keg Over Bar!

Highlights included awesome performances by teen siblings Dakota and Cody Shanley of Power
Plant Gym. It was Dakota’s first competition and Cody’s 3 rd – both finished on the podium! The
biggest class of the day – Men’s 231 – was a super tight race. Ultimately, Mitchell Cady edged out the
win with super smooth performances on all 5 events. Gabe Balascio placed second and scooped up a Nationals invite, and Sean Dougherty rounded out the podium thanks to his first-place finish on
the last event. In the HW class, 265er Ty McFarland was unphased by being combined with the
SHWs and took home a solid victory and Nationals bid.

On the ladies side of the competition, MaryCatherine Innace was a rep machine on the press,
sandbags, and keg, earning her a 1 st place finish in the Novice class. Power Plant athlete Lindsey Jett
was hot on her heels with blistering times on both the 90-ft Husafell carry and the 6-lift Deadlift Medley. PPG Athlete Meg Leitner made her deadlifts look weightless on her way to a 1 st place finish
in Women’s HW, and Alexis Kajencki took home the win in Women’s 180.

The whole crowd at this event deserves a massive shout-out. The competitors were very positive,
organized, and supportive. The volunteers were outstanding. And the crowd was on fire for every
athlete. This is definitely what strongman is all about!

Kelly Plush and Lindsey Jett
Mike Malaney axle deadlift
Megan Leitner Dinnie lift

Thanks to Gage Strength Training for hosting the event.Full album of photos is available on Dave Crossett’s website: