The 2018 Medley Mayhem Team Contest took place At Titan Barbell on November 10th in Stoneham, MA. The event featured 55 athletes (11 teams with 5 members each).

Here are the event highlights:

OH Press Medley (Log, Axle, Keg, DB)

Team Rabid Squirrel Squad (Ryan Aruck and Amanda Farrell) took the win with a combined score of 16 reps

Deadlift Medley (Trap Bar, Deadlift Bar, 13” Axle, Side Handle Car (rep away))

Team ToreForce (Wendy Sharpe and Cody Buskey) won with a combined 50 reps for the win. Wendy Sharpe lead the way with 34 reps!

Keg Carry and Load Medley (7 kegs from various distances)

Team Hybrid Strength and Conditioning (Jeremy Soule and Erik Pardee) both finished the seven keg series in a minute or less. They were the only team with both members to finish.

Max Distance Frame Carry (weight added every 30’)

Team Violent Friends (Gina Cravedi and Gina Melnik) Both Gina’s finished with over 185’ for the win. Stan Kantor had the best individual performance with 190’ and finishing with a 800# frame as a middleweight.

Atlas Stone Series (10 Stones)

Team ToreForce (Wendy Sharpe and Stan Kantor) took home the win with Stan loading 9 of the 10 stones and Wendy loading all 10 stones finishing with a 250# stone.

This was the first year running this competition. I want to say a special thank you for all the amazing volunteers we had run everything from checkins to loading weights and set up and breakdown of the tent. We were also able to raise over $1,000 for Wounded Warrior Family Support.

We would like to thank our sponsors: RX Bar, Honali LLC, SBD, Renaissance Periodization,

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—Eric Dawson