A group of 43 athletes left it all on the competition floor in Littleton, NH on Saturday 2/22 for their chance to become Winter Warfare champion.

The fun began with the axle clean and press for reps, followed by the Sand Dollar Deadlift for max weight, a brutal carry/drag medley, farmers, and keg over bar.

Some highlights on the day were Women’s Masters competitor Rachael Lapwood with 20 reps on the 115lb axle clean & press away. Top dead lifters of the day (per lb of bodyweight) were Dillon Thompson (<200lb class) with a 755lb pull and April Rom (LWW) with a 395lb pull. Each won a $100 prize for being top male and female dead lifter of the day.

The medley proved to be an incredibly challenging event and left many athletes on the floor by the end of their 90 second time allotment. Some of the top finishers in the event were Men’s Masters athlete Matt Marino, who finished in 42.84 seconds, with Steven Fotion right on his heels at 43.22. <200lb competitor Dillon Thompson came in under 43 seconds as well.

Top performances in the keg over bar event went to HWW competitor Kristal Renaudette, who man-handled a 150, 175, and 200lb keg and finished the event in 20.28 seconds.

Men’s HW competitor Ken Nowicki also made easy work of the event when he sent a 280lb, 300lb, and 330lb flying over the bar in less than 18 seconds.

Top finishers in each class were:

Women’s Novice: Samantha McKay

LWW: April Rom

Masters Women: Erin Williams

MWW: Trisha Whiteman

HWW: Kristal Renaudette

Men’s Novice: Derek Darcy

Masters Men: William Fateiger

Men’s <200 Dillon Thompson

Men’s <231: Nick Crockford

HWM: Kenneth Nowicki