Re-Posted from ArnoldSportsFestival

The 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic is appearing in 2 one-hour shows on CBS TV over the next two weeks. At 12:00 CST, this coming Sunday, May 5th, the first episode called The Road to the Arnold will be shown. It profiles the history of the show, the bios of the top competitors and shows how the new events came about and the great lengths that Rogue Fitness went to to build those incredible new pieces of equipment–The Wheel of Pain and Husafel Stone.

There’s also a long tribute to Terry, which for me was deeply moving–and I thank all the men who spoke about him and the many kind things they said about him and what he’d done for the sport and what he meant to them personally.

The second episode will air on Mother’s Day on May 12th and it shows the 2019 contest and all the events.