Summer Raid Weekend! The Viking Highlander July 8, 2018

Saturday kicked off the Summer Raid Weekend 2018, and USA Powerlifting was in the house to get us rolling on day 1. Flashback to August of 2014: the first Summer Raid took place as the inaugural competition at the freshly opened Viking Performance Training and draws a whopping 14 competitors as a one day event. Now, “the Raid” extends over 2 days and smashed multiple attendance records. Myhow things change!

The Viking Highlander was the big attraction on day 2, and featured a mix of strongman events, Highland Games events, and had intentional ties to ancient tests of strength. The Weight Over Bar event is a highland games classic and was sponsored by Dan Ryan Builders; the Conan’s Wheel is a gruelingstrongman event presented by Apex Counseling; we offered a stone event called the Stones of the Norththat paid tribute to Kazmaier’s encounter with the Inver Stone in Scotland; our “Dinnie Hold” event usedring handles fixed to Mouser Blocks as an homage to the Dinnie Stones; and finally, we had a mas wrestling tournament (perhaps the largest in US history) to finish the day.

Keep your eyes out for the announcement for next year’s Summer Raid Weekend and!

Happy training, -Paul Mouser