This competition must have the approval of the Strongman Corporation Home Office. The promoters of PRO-AM Competitions are based on the quality of the promoter’s past competitions, equipment, venue, organization, Strongman Corporation signage, etc. Signage is the responsibility of the promoter, NOT Strongman Corporation. All pro-am events must have a minimum of 2 Strongman Corp Banners hanging at the event. (SC has a limited amount of banners for sale at a discounted price)

Click HERE to fill out Strongman Corp. Licensing form

The promoter MUST have an appointed
Strongman Corp rep at his or her contest. The rep will be chosen by Strongman Corp home office. Fees for the rep are paid for by the promoter.

The licensing fee for a PRO-AM COMPETITION is $1025.00 payable prior to competition licensing. All Pro Am events do not have a cap on athletes, but must have a minimum of 10 athletes per class in order to earn a pro card. At all Pro-Am events, If an amateur athlete has a podium finish, he or she will be offered a pro card. Weights for the amateur and pro must be the same in order for an amateur to earn his/her pro status. The winner will qualify for the Arnold Amateur World Championships If the minimum of 10 athletes is not met, the athlete in that division will not qualify for the Arnold. There are no exceptions. STATE CHAIR DISCOUNTS ARE NOT GIVEN for regionals or pro am events. In Pro Am Competitions. There should be a minimum of 6 professional athletes in a comp. Promoters may add other pro classes to their event if they choose to pay prize money to the professional athletes.

All required licensing forms and payments must be submitted to the Strongman Corporation home office at least 120 days prior to the competition date.

Contests will not be posted via the SC website without proper forms and payments submitted.

The weights, events, and equipment used in a Pro-Am COMPETITION are required to be comparable (25%) to the weights used at the Arnold Pro Strongman, America’s Strongest Man, America’s Strongest Woman, OR SC PRO SHOWS.

Once licensing forms and entry forms have
been reviewed, discussed and approved
by the Strongman Corporation Board and SWS office, the promoter will
be contacted.

Events, classes and competition weights shall not be changed the day of the competition.

There shall be at least one standard event included in the list of events for the competition.

The remaining events are at the promoter’s discretion.

weights and location must be approved for all events
The top 3 finishers (up to 3rd place)
in each weight class or division that is offered at the competition will receive an invitation to the SC National Championships.

A minimum of 10 competing competitors is required for this competition in one weight class. If there are less than
10 competitors in a division or weight class, then it will not have a qualifying spot for the Arnold. The only exception is Lightweight women or men as it is hard to find 10 in both of those classes. If you have 9 in a class or division, a spot to the Arnold will not be given. Please DO NOT ASK for an exception.

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