May 19, 2018

Men, and women from all over Texas came to compete at Cen Tex Strongest, to prove that they had what it took to walk away, Central Texas Strongest Man, or Woman. They came, hoping their training prepared them for the trials of strength that lay before them. Many it was their 1st Comp, Shaina Vales hanging with girls the open class to earn her a 3rd place spot. Matt Greco, walked away with a 3rd place win in his 1st comp ever. Brandin Roberts, didn’t place, but dominated the frame, and deadlift, and I’dsay a fire has been lit, and expect to see him again. Bobby Miller came in like a force to be reckoned with, and only was unable to finish due to a mishap on the axle, leaving him incapacitated, but dominated everything before that. Brittany Barnes, Vipering the log like nobody’s business on the OHMedley, destroying the car deadlift, and head-butting the stone to the 60” platform was what we allknow this sport to be about, which is just lift it no matter what. She walked away with 2nd place after a good battle with Kitty Cross, who was on fire that day and earned her Cen Tex Strongest Woman Title. Dustin Sowders came out with hardware as he came in and competed like a man with a plan . Last but not least big props to Trey Mitchell for coming and making easy work of that 1240 tire AKA Goliath. No surprise there, this man was built to move heavy weight. Props to all who came out and left it all there that day. Hope to see you again soon.