California’s Strongest Man 2021, contested on April 24th & 25th at East Coast West Coast Strength, Speed & Conditioning in Orange County(Costa Mesa).

In the heavyweight men’s class, it was a battle to the end as only 1 point separated the top 3 competitors when the dust settled. The 6’8” behemoth Brigham Nielsen captured the win in 3 out of 5 events. Bryce Walker the 6’5”, 400 lb former Utah State offensive lineman took first in the Giant Tire Flip (1,100 lbs) with 4 flips in 60 seconds. Alan Thrall weighing in at a paltry 200 lbs, attempted to battle back and narrowly missing the lead by 1 point in the final event of the competition by lifting four Atlas Stones ranging in weight from 280 to 360 lbs. onto to a nearly 5-foot platform. But ultimately it was the giant – Brigham Nielsen taking the crown of California’s Strongest Man 2021.

The woman’s categories are always an amazing spectacle of strength, as the open competition was won by powerhouse – Adrienne Snyder, a 10 year veteran of the sport and a top 15 ranked competitor at Strongman Corporation Nationals. In the lightweight women, it came down to a tie breaker in the Atlas Stones to decide the next champion and in the end it was New Jersey native – Gina Benigno platforming 4 stones, 4 seconds faster than Nadia Morrison to claim the title.

In the men’s lightweight class, Eric King took first place in the Overhead Press Medley with 7 repetitions on 225 lb Axle and 130 lb Circus Dumbbell and the 650 lb Tire Flip. Richard Panganiban took the win on the 295 lb Farmer’s Walk for 100 ft in 25.4 seconds and the 50 ft. 700 lb Yoke Walk in 9.3 seconds. With a narrow 2 point margin of victory, Eric King took the overall win, Richard Panganiban finished in the second spot with Manny Barnett rounding out the top 3 finishers.

And finally, in the Middleweight Men’s division – Justin Ramirez, after failing to make weight in the Men’s Lightweight division ended up taking the win in the 750 lb Yoke and the Atlas Stones. Wyatt King showed his grit when he captured the win in the 315 lb Farmer’s Walk. Chandler Schuyler scored 5 reps in the Overhead press Medley 250 lbs/150 lbs to take the win. Nick Moore almost completed the course on the 850 lb Tire Flip with 7 flips, but enough to take the field in that event. But it was Justin Ramirez with a 2.5 pt advantage after 5 events to claim the top spot in the Middleweights.

The event was ran by the Strongman team at East Coast West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning. This was the 19-year anniversary of the longest running strongman show on the West Coast.

California’s Strongest Man will be back on the sand in Huntington Beach on March 26, 2022. You can find more information and register on

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