Name of contest: Beer Muscles 2019 Location: 2SP Brewing Company, Aston, PA 19014 Indoor or Outdoor: Both! Number of Athletes: 82

Sponsors for Athletes: 2SP Brewing Company, The Training Room of Garnet Valley, Superfit Hero, Sheepdog Enhanced Beverage (Centurion Labz), Kettlebell Kitchen, Lifting Culture Apparel, King Kong Bags, RX Bar, Dave Crossett Photography

Sponsors for Charity Raffles: Trader Joes, Penns Woods Winery, Earth & State Media, Seven Stone Gallery of Media, Urban Air Adventure Park, Hannum’s Harley Davidson, Expedition Escape King ofPrussia

Athlete Achievements and Contest Overview: It was an absolutely perfect summer day in Southeast Pennsylvania for the 4th annual Beer Muscles competition. Eighty-two athletes competed on-site at 2SP Brewing Company in 5 events: keg clean& press, max weight yoke carry, max weight keg load, 13” axle deadlift for reps, and a mystery event and Beer Muscles original: the sixtel keg front hold.

Highlights included a commanding 1st place finish in HW Open by Zach Stoughton in his first ever competition. Zach was the only athlete to successfully load the 455# keg. We also saw 2 athletes –MW231 Jeff Ocampo and HW Chris Zeller – take on a 1,015# yoke. Both were able to pick and carry the yoke about 10ft – not enough to count for the competition, but certainly enough to get the crowd going! MW200 winner Cameron Gilmore also took home the prize for heaviest pound-for- pound yoke carry with an 825# carry at 197.6# bodyweight.

This year’s competition also served as a fundraiser for the Delaware County Special OlympicsPowerlifting Team. Together we raised almost $2,000 for the team! This came from a combination of raffling off prizes from our generous sponsors, a 50/50 raffle, and a (very popular) dunk tank. Coaches and members of the team had a blast at the competition, and everyone was stoked to help them with funding.

For the second time this year, promoters presented a “Spirit of Beer Muscles” award to the personwho most exemplified the spirit of the competition: camaraderie, strength, sportsmanship, and fun. The group leaders chose MW200 competitor Andrew Hanus, who narrowly missed out on a first place finish in his class, but – more importantly – was infectiously positive all day through his own events and in his support of others. That’s what Beer Muscles is all about!

This is the 4th consecutive year for Beer Muscles.

Sponsors & special Mentions

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