White Mountain Strongman 4



White Mountain Strongman 4 took place in Littleton, NH on June 10th. 38 athletes from all over New England traveled to northern NH to battle it out in the hot sun, and they did not disappoint.


Women’s novice competitor April Rom set the tone for the day when she blazed through the Press Medley with a blistering time of 20:97 seconds. She went on to win the Hex Deadlift event and the Carry Medley to secure the over-all win out of 13 women’s novice competitors.

200 lb competitor, Justin Fletcher during the press medley.


Second event was last man standing yoke for 30 feet. Joe Grossi had the heaviest yoke of the day at 840lbs for 30 feet, while MWW competitor Stephanie Tsouprakos bested all female competitors with a 550lb yoke.  <200lb competitor Lee Vandergraaf took the event for his weight class with a 740lb walk. Novice competitor Juan Rojo ended with a 700lb yoke and took the win in the event for his class.

Stephanie Tsouprakos, last man standing yoke.


The Hex Deadlift was close for almost all of the weight classes. 17 year old Emily Trahan was able to secure the win for the MWW with 21 reps, with Stephanie Tsouprakos right on her heels with 20 reps on the 300lb hex bar.

Erin Ummer and Jocelyn Delworth led the HWW class with an unbelievable 20 reps each at 360lbs.

Joe Grossi took the event for the <231 men’s class with 18 reps @ 550lbs, but Nick Crockford and Richard Cameron were right on his heels with 17 reps each.

Joe Grossi repping out a 550 hex deadlift.


Lee Vandergraaf gained points on the farmers/sandbag/keg medley and had the fastest time of the day on the carry medley with a time of 27:85 seconds.


The last event of the day was Stone of Steel over bar. Jake Ballestrini locked down win for the men’s novice class with 12 reps with the 200lb stone, which landed him in 1stplace over-all on the day.

MWW competitors Emily Trahan and Stephanie Tsouprakos went into the event tied for points, but Trahan was able to come up with 13 reps, which secured the over-all win for her.  Tsouprakos was right behind her with 12 reps on the 155lb stone.

Jocelyn Delworth and Lindsey Jean led the HWW class with 9 reps each, which landed them in 1st place and 2ndplace over-all in their weight class.

Jocelyn Delworth repping out 175 pound stone of steel, earning herself a qualification to Nationals .
Seamus McNally got the win in this event for the <200lb class on the 250lb stone with 4 reps, but it wasn’t quite enough to get him first place over-all, as Lee Vandergraaf pulled out the over-all victory in this class by just 1 point.
Joe Grossi finished out the day with a win in the last event, pulling out 5 reps with the 270lb stone. He was the over-all winner in the <231lb weight class.
Dione Wessels