Team Tom

David Martin pulling the sled backwards during the sandbag/sled pull medley. He was in the heavy weight division pulling a sled weight of 300#. He ended up placing first in his division.
Jason Keith during the event Stone Over Bar. (We moved this event inside to the middle of the astroturf, which attracted more spectators, and the competitors seemed to really enjoy it with an even bigger crowd drawing people from the powerlifting competition) Keith was in the middle weight and stone weight was 312#. He ended up taking second by a 1/2 point.
Tanna Rae Manthe is featured in the picture below. She was in the light weight women’s division. She is carrying the yoke for 30 ft down, set it down, pick it up, and carry it back 30 ft with a weight of 300#. She ended up placing first in her division. The main sponsor of the event was Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. 
Dione Wessels