The strongest woman in the world!

The Strongest Woman in the World contest begin with 24 women from around the globe representing 9 countries coming into Las Vegas at the Mr. Olympia event to contend the title of who would be the Strongest Woman in the World and to qualify for the Arnold Pro Strongwoman event in Columbus, OH 2018.The Lightweight women started the event off with the log press in which Rachel Pyron excelled over the rest of the Field. In the Middle weight Class, it was a tie with USA and New Zealand. In the heavy weight class, Kristin Rhodes quickly pressed 5 reps, even after missing the start on the Whistle. This was definitely a start to a competitive weekend.

Following the log press, was the famous “Fatback Farmers” created by Patrick “Fatback” Rodgers himself. This event proved to be grueling for all and the competitors with true grit would prevail. Leslie Hoffeins put out a time to beat for the LW women, while Brittany Diamond through down the gauntlet putting a time to beat, but Lawrance, showed that the weight was no problem for her as she blew through the event for the win, even after losing a rep for not waiting on the down signal from the referee. The Ukraians wanted to show that they too can pull as Lidia pulled to get the win over a very close Britteny Cornelious. True grit goes to Brooke Sousa as she carried the implements and pulled the deadlifts with a ripped callous on her hand. The ladies were happy to be over day one so they could relax and be prepared foe day two.

Day two

The ladies started day two with the keg over the bar with three kegs each carrying them for 25’ and tossing over a bar. Laura Anderson showed nothing but strength as she hoisted the kegs high and started the toss as she approached the bar. Right behind her was Jessica Kite showing all that strongman is not only for big burly men. In the HWW, Britteny and Brooke were here to show us all how to pick, carry and load a keg.

The fourth evet and the one that proved to be the most grueling of the weekend was the arm over arm sled pull. Leslie Hoffeins wanted the repeat win and knew that winning this event was necessary for an overall win with only one event left and with girls that were equally great deadlifters in the next event. Winning the event was what she did as she won with an eight second time difference! Lawrance came with the eye of the tiger as she hoisted the sled to gain the win. Many of the heavy weight women struggled with the sled pull as only four of them finished the pull yet the Ukranian women were in a class by themselves on the pull. The final event of the day was the deadlift, Although several women pulled twelve reps on the Bartos Axle bar, Hoffeins again pulled 13 for the win. Kate Mitchell Parker of New Zealand wanted a spot on that podium to pull 14 for the win and in the heavy weight class, Kristin Rhodes showed her champion grit pulling 13 reps for the win on the bartos axle deadlift.  Huge congrats to all of the ladies on their professionalism at the event, showing the world what women are capable of and putting on a great show. The winners of the event were Leslie Hoffeins in the Lightweight Class, Kim Lawrance in the Middle weight class, and Olga Liashuk in the heavyweight class.

A huge thank you to our sponsors for helping to make this event happen. Bartos Power for the equipment, SBD for the everlasting support of our sport and athletes. Thank you to Iron Demon for outfitting the ladies in the awesome clothing, Hi-temp Plates for the bumpers. The Strongman Corporation staff for their continued support, help and just for being the best strongman crew period.

Strongman Corporation