Pacific Northwest Strongest

Pacific Northwest’s Strongest even took place on June 3rd at Dungeon Fitness in Bremerton, Washington. The contest was a indoor event and held 32 total athletes after several had to drop out.

Casandra LaMadrid LWW 140

Kabuki Strength Lab, Maxx Nutrition, Ironmind, Cerberus-Strength USA, USPlabs, Strength Crew and Dungeon Fitness are all sponsors that Nate Boling would like to thank. He was more impressed by more of the light weight and middle weight women than anything. There was a lot of future potential at a big level if these ladies decide to take it that far.

Erin Murray MWW 180

In the light weight women 140 class, there was a girl name Cassandra LaMadrid that weighed in at 123lbs and absolutely ran away with the events. She was dominant in everything from static to mobile lifts. She had mostly impressed me because the stone was 160lbs and she only had a 145lb stone to train with., 6 reps being her best but she loaded the contest stone 7 times and she stands just over 4ft tall. In the MWW 180lb division, there was an AWESOME battle between Racheal Bennett and Erin Murray. Erin smoked the 295lb deadlift with 18 reps, beltless and strapless. Erin also would have had the fastest yoke time out of all the women but she lost her footing at the end and had a slide penalty. She loaded the 185lb stone 9 times and crushed that event as well. Racheal killed the log press and also did very good on the yolk and deadlift just edging Erin out by staying calm and collected and no mistakes and good consistency.

Andrew Palmer HWM Pro


In the heavy weight men’s division, Josh Hatfield was impressive, giving Andrew Palmer a run for his money, Andrew being a pro that kicked cancers ass just recently kicked cancers a** just recently. Those two were a spectacle all day. It was great to see a smile on Andrews face being able to come out and just lift for fun but go toe to toe with some amateurs and get his feet wet again after his cancer battle! Nate Bolling has had this event for 5 years now but it has been at different locations year to year. He finally found a permanent home for it at an awesome venue! Bolling doesn’t have a scheduled event just yet but I’m looking to host another indoor show in the winter this year for the first time! Nate says all his sponsors made this show what it was, I would really like to give credit to Strength Crew, my personal sponsor and annual provider of my T-shirts. They always produce high quality stuff and always come through for me. Also, Dungeon Fitness, without them this show would have been in some random parking lot, as a lot of them are!



Dione Wessels