The Fit Expo Los Angelas

The Fit Expo Los Angelas, CA at the LA Convention center. 12 events took place over the curse of two days where the athletes had to compete in at least 10 of the events. The two highest scores of the 12 events dropped off at the end of the the contest for each athlete.
There was over 25 athletes competing but only 9 in just the strongman event. Martins Licis has yet been defeated in this event as this was his third year winning the event as the “Decathlon Champion.”
Michael Stroozas was the top placing amatuer at the end of day two and even set the pace for the event on the “Stone of Steel” and the over head press medley and outside of Martins Licis, being the only other person to press the 375# log. Other notable performances was Clay Edgin come out of the crowd to set a record on the IronMind silver bullet grip challenge and being the only athlete to squeeze the #4 gripper  with the grip gauntlet for over 5 seconds. Congrats to Martins Licis on securing his third title at the Odd Haugen Decathlon and to Michael Stroozas for securing his Strongman Corp Pro card._MG_0060
Dione Wessels