Europa Strongman Challenge

Europa Strongman Challenge took place on May 30th in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Convention Center hosted by Alan Colley. It was an indoor event and had 13 athletes competing. Iron House Gym, Strongman Corporation, Roman and Roman Law Office, SBD, and JT Tape were all sponsors of Alan’s event. Middle Weight competitor, Kate Mitchell Parker, came all the way from New Zealand to seal the victory. Since the numbers did not present itself to give the pro-card to the athletes, Kate did earn an invite to the Strongest Woman in the World where she will have another shot at the pro-card. Alan has competed in this event before but after a hiatus, Strongman Corporation has Partnered with the Europa Sports Festival to bring “Strongman Events” back five years later. Alan says, “We love working with the Europa Sports.” His next event will be the Florida Strongest Man and take place sometime in December. Other notable winners are Keya Woodland (pictured) in the Lightweight women’s division from Australia.

Dione Wessels