Connecticut’s Strongest Man/Woman

Connecticut’s Strongest Man/Woman was held on April 29th 2017 and had a total of 81 competitors.  This is our 7th year hosting competitions and this was one of our biggest and fast run shows to date!  Competition started at 10am sharp and trophies were handed out by 3:30pm.  A huge thanks to everyone that helped to make this show happen and get bigger and better every year.  Events consisted of a Circus Dumbbell clean and press for reps with Kena Perry dominating the Lightweight women with a total of 12 reps on the 65lbs dumbbell.  Ryan Largay won the Middleweight division on the Power Center Dumbbell with a huge 10 reps at 160lbs.  Next up was the Wagon Wheel Max Deadlift.  Jane Nwafor had the biggest pull of the day for the women with an easy 450lbs.  Ryan Largay again winning the deadlift with 805lbs and Idelfonso Nieves winning the heavyweights with a solid 800 pull.  Farmers Walk for 50ft was next with many times breaking the 8 second mark Erin Ummer winning the middleweight women’s division with 8.4 seconds, and Brad Buzzee with a smoke show of 6.6 seconds!  Next was the Keg carry for 100ft with a turn at 50.  Joey Abel of the Lightweight Novice had the fastest time of the day with 13 seconds flat.  Last event was atlas stones for reps.  Kristal Renaudette won with an impressive 8 reps on the 195, and the heavyweight men decided to go heavier with the 345 stone with Ryan Aruck taking the win with 8 reps.

The overall winners are as follows: Lightweight Novice Women: Jillian Forde, Heavyweight Novice Women: Anitra Kloczewiak, Master Women: Eugenia Landers, Lightweight Women: Kena Perry, Middleweight Women: Erin Ummer, Heavyweight Women: Kristal Renaudette
Men’s Lightweight Novice: Joey Abel, Men’s Heavyweight Novice: Rob Cruse, Men’s Master’s: Bart Walsh, 175’s: Brad Buzzee, 200’s: Kevin Candito, 231″s Ryan Largay, Men’s Heavyweight: Rich Destefani
Dione Wessels