Beast of the Bluegrass X

Beast of the Bluegrass X April 29th, 2017


The Beast of the Bluegrass celebrated its 10th year of competition with an overwhelming crowd of spectators and athletes. Nearly 500 spectators and close to 200 athletes competed amongst various disciplines of strength. The Beast of the Bluegrass began as a Strongman only contest and now hosts powerlifting, CrossFit and MAS wrestling.

The Strongman competition began with a log press (clean once) for reps.  Several athletes showed tremendous strength pressing fairly heavy weights for an amateur contest. The 231 men pressed 250 pounds, Eric Longley winning this class with 8 reps. Eric comes from the Refuge Camp, home of ASC LW pro Derek Stone. The HW men pressed 300 lbs, and first time competitor Jason Belcher was able to get 4 reps for the win. The 265 open men had 300 lbs as well and Bryon Arena looked strong with 3 reps. The most impressive display on the log for the day was SHW Jessica Fithen with 9 reps at 170 lbs; needing only one rep to win didn’t stop her from putting on a show. You know when someone really wants to get better they go for it all no matter what. That’s how you become the best, perform like you are the best.

The second event was the Husa stone for max distance, again lots of outstanding runs here. The men picked from the floor and the women from 20 inches high. LW novice women walked for days.  1st time athlete (CrossFit turned Strongman) Lauren Miller walked close to 700 feet with her stone. Impressive performances by 150 open men 1st time competitor Corbin Masure making it almost 300 feet with his body weight plus 50 lbs. In the HW open mens Caleb Perkins walked nearly 200 ft with 350 lbs.

The 3rd event and probably one of the more exciting events Saturday was the wagon wheel max deadlift where athletes were pulling big numbers. Jason Belcher pulled an easy 800 lbs with room to spare, while Jessica Fithen was at it again pulling an easy 500 lbs. MW open womens competitor DeeJanee White pulled a PR of 460 lbs for the win in her class. Seth Nutt (HW novice men) and Tyler Young (231 open men) were even pulling big, both getting 705.

The 4th event was the yoke walk of 60 ft. The yoke was pretty heavy again for an amateur contest. The HW men carried 800 lbs, Caleb Perkins making the distance in 17 seconds. The more impressive speeds were in the womens group. MW open women Emily Ware carried 450 lbs down in 11 seconds. Jessica Fithen being the only athlete to be under 10 seconds for the day carried 500 lbs in 9 seconds.  Lastly in the Teen class 1st time competitor Kyler Campbell was close with 10 seconds.

The final event was the stone over bar. Like most contest, it’s a blast to end with the atlas stones. Jessica Fithen again demonstrating her power having 12 reps with the 240 stone.

The contest was another great display of strength. It’s an honor to host this contest. Having had it for ten years now. I love Strongman and appreciate the opportunity to host. Thank you to all of my sponsors and a big thank you to my helpers and loaders. It’s a long day to run a contest. Helpers get a lot more reps then the athletes. Thank you to Strongman Corporation as well. I hope to see you next year but until then good luck with training and stay strong.


Dione Wessels