Out of the 12 Age/Weight Classes we created for this event only two classes had more than one athlete in them.

Everyone had such an incredible time and we had families from 7 different states across the country representing out of 14 athletes that competed with us at this inaugural event.

One family drove 1800 miles from Arkansas so their grandson could compete with us. Another young lady joined us at the last minute and from Florida who’s aging out of the Teen Division at 19 years old but was so happy with the experience she says she can’t wait to come back and help out as this event grows. We had two local San Francisco Bay Area young men join the competition just 4 days before by completing the online qualifier and then coming out to their first competition being America’s Strongest Teen. Congrats to all of the teens and their families that came out to compete in the event. Lots of strong Youth that will grow to be stronger Men and Women!

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