America’s Strongest Man 105k class

The 105k America’s Strongest Man contest begin with only seven athletes in Las Vegas at the Mr. Olympia event to contend the title of who would be the America’s Strongest Man 2017. The man to beat was Sean Demarinis as he was the reigning two time America’s Strongest Man Champion for the past two years. The men started with a heavy log clean and press in which 3 was the number to beat, then Andrew Clayton split Jerked 4 reps. Sean was on deck and as he stepped to the log, he vipered five reps in 30 seconds. Proving to the field that he was the man to beat. This was a start to a competitive weekend.

Following the log press, was the famous “Fatback Farmers” created by Patrick “Fatback” Rodgers himself. This event proved to be grueling for all and the competitors with true grit would prevail. This time it wasn’t Sean to look out for but James Deffenbaugh as he cruised to a winning time of 29 seconds on this event.

The final event of day one for the 105k athletes was the keg over the bar with three kegs each carrying them for 25’ and tossing over a 54” bar. Johnny set a good time to beat with 23.69 secs. Shortly after Andrew Clayton put up a new time to beat of 19.28 secs. Sean was up next and had a powerful, fast start, but was injured on the third keg causing him to pull out of the event. Although Anthony Fuhrman and James had fast times, they still did not stand up to the time that Andrew Clayton put up.

Day two

The athletes started day two with the most grueling of the weekend, the arm over arm sled pull. Anthony Fuhrman put up a great time to win this event and was followed by James Deffenbaugh who had a great time on the event but tore hi bicep on the last pull of the event causing him to place second behind Anthony. The final event of the day was the axle deadlift for reps. The axle deadlift was heavy for many then Tyler Stickle grunted out a grueling 3 reps. Deffenbaugh with a torn Bicep, got four reps, then Fuhrman, Pulled an easy 6 reps for the win on the event.

After the scores were tallied, it was shown that Deffenbaugh and Fuhrman were tied for 1st place. With Deffenbaugh having a torn Bicep. Fuhrman wanted an event that would not give him an advantage over Deffenbaugh. The event chosen was a one-arm farmer hold for time. The athletes held on with all they had as the crowd screamed and cheered. In the end Deffenbaugh prevailed giving him the win, and the title of America’s Strongest Man 105k 2017.

The athletes not only showed strength and grit throughout the weekend, they also showed comradery and compassion for each other. They all exemplified what it means to be a true professional athlete.

A huge thank you to our sponsors for helping to make this event happen. Bartos Power for the equipment, SBD for the everlasting support of our sport and athletes. Thank you to Iron Demon for outfitting the ladies in the awesome clothing, Hi-temp Plates for the bumpers. The Strongman Corporation staff for their continued support, help and just for being the best strongman crew period.

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